August 20th, 2014 by seans

Camping with Nora!

This past weekend I took Nora up to Charlton Lake, in the cascades, east of Eugene. She has wanted to camping with “just Dad” for a while now so we finally made the time and did it. A fun time was had by all, of course. She is a very competent camper as you’ll see from the images below. Enjoy –


2014-08-16 13.48.19


2014-08-16 14.53.12


2014-08-16 16.08.30


2014-08-16 18.41.56


2014-08-17 06.50.29


2014-08-17 06.50.59


2014-08-17 06.51.12


2014-08-17 08.19.14


2014-08-17 10.05.41



3 Responses to “Camping with Nora!”
  1. Y’all make our train tee look right at home in the woods. Looks like a most excellent trip!

  2. Grandma & Grandpa says

    Great photos of a great weekend. Nora is without a doubt—ONE HAPPY CAMPER !! Love you all

  3. Grandad says

    Loved the picture third from the end. Looks like the young lady slept well in the tent, with the bears, blue jays and other noisy night creatures. Must have been a fun time. Do it again!!

    The ice cream cone is clearly an appropriate “end of trip” deal!!!

    Love, Gran and Grandad

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