January 20th, 2014 by seans

Silver Falls State Park hike

Today we went up to Silver Falls State Park, just east of Salem, Oregon. We did a relatively short 3 mile hike, but went down and up about 700 feet altogether. Nora and Jonah did a great job hiking, even though it was very cold the whole time. Afterwards we did our obligatory stop for post-hike ice cream. Fun was certainly had by all. Here are some photos of our day:


2014-01-20 11.05.27



2014-01-20 11.07.05



2014-01-20 11.13.20



2014-01-20 11.14.58



2014-01-20 11.15.02



2014-01-20 11.15.44



2014-01-20 11.16.11



2014-01-20 11.17.16



2014-01-20 11.21.10



2014-01-20 11.26.40



2014-01-20 11.26.46



2014-01-20 11.33.06



2014-01-20 11.58.45



2014-01-20 12.11.10



2014-01-20 12.11.23



2 Responses to “Silver Falls State Park hike”
  1. Grandma & Grandpa says

    Beautiful pics!! Wonder how long I would have lasted…haha!….. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I believe that falls is near Silverton. Fought a small forest fire near there years ago. I am so happy to see the kids learning to enjoy the out doors. Have to say, however, that area is much nicer in warmer weather!!


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