January 15th, 2013 by sara

Little Writers

Jonah has spent a lot of time writing books and stories over the last month or two.  Sometimes he writes them out by hand, sometimes he likes to type them on the computer.  Some have pictures.  Others do not.  He has amassed quite a pile of stapled story books that he enjoys reading to anyone who’s interested, and he and Sean even made a cardboard box library for a bunch of them.  He’s also been very interested in writing with lowercase letters now, which gives his writing a whole new ‘big kid’ look.  :)


Not one to miss an opportunity to do what her big brother is doing, Nora has also developed an interest in writing books, too.  And she has been working so very hard on figuring out how to write her letters so she can make real words.


One day, she said she would write the whole alphabet on our chalkboard.  So she did.


And she loves this dry erase board that she got for Christmas where she can practice tracing over letters.  I just love that proud little face!  :)




2 Responses to “Little Writers”
  1. Grandma & Grandpa says

    So very cute! Can’t wait to see the literary collection close up, and have the stories read to US! Love to all. :)

  2. Gran and Grandad says

    How great it is to use your imagination to make stories you can read yourself or read to others. Jonah, please ask Dad or Mom to e-mail us a copy of a computer written story. We would love to read it, print it and keep it in our library.

    Thank you, Jonah, for the baseball you painted for my birthday. And thank you, Nora, for the bird house you painted. I have the baseball in my study and I have hung the bird house there also. They are very pretty.

    You give me much love.


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