June 3rd, 2014 by seans

Some weekend hikes

 Last Saturday, Nora and I hiked up Spencer’s Butte here in town, close to our house. She did a great job at the all uphill one mile hike, too.

The next day, Jonah and I hiked up Mt. Pisgah, a 1.5 mile hike with a 1000 foot elevation gain. He also did well and enjoyed snacks and some silly photos once we arrived at the top.

2014-06-01 15.02.05



2014-06-01 15.02.19










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  1. Grandad says

    It does look like all had a good time: and Jonah and Nora have clearly got the hiking business down paT !! Whatsamatta,
    Sean, feet hurt in that one “silly” selfie picture taken with Jonah?d Great to see these activities!

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