July 20th, 2013 by sara

Sweet Creek Falls, Part 2

Sean did one quick post from our Sweet Creek Falls hike, but I had some good pictures that I wanted to add, too.

Feeling the cold, cold creek

2013-07-07 11.34.19 copy
We found a great little spot on a big flat rock to eat our lunches.  Since there was a little waterfall right there, the kids named it ‘Waterfall Cafe.’  By the time the hike was over, Jonah had mentally designed a logo and menu plan for the restaurant.
2013-07-07 11.59.20 copy
The boys
2013-07-07 12.15.40 copy
2013-07-07 12.20.25 copy
Silly siblings
2013-07-07 12.23.56 copy
So tall on a log!
2013-07-07 12.28.33 copy
2013-07-07 11.58.51
Yes, Nora tries to get her fingers stepped on.  Sneaky Nora.
2013-07-07 13.02.42
And some fun with the self photos.  Jonah especially enjoys making lots of faces for these.  :)
2013-07-07 13.23.34
2013-07-07 13.28.03
2013-07-07 13.28.09
2013-07-07 13.28.13
About three minutes after we finished our two mile hike, Nora totally crashed.  Time for a power nap.
2013-07-07 14.12.02 copy
Then we headed to the freezing windy beach.
2013-07-07 14.55.14
2013-07-07 14.57.17 copy
Nora’s about ready to go by this point.
2013-07-07 14.58.11 copy
So the kids chased Sean back to the car, pretending to be waves crashing on his back.
2013-07-07 15.00.12 copy
2013-07-07 15.00.17 copy



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  1. Grandma & Grandpa says

    That looks like such a fun spot! Looking forward to spending some time on the freezing beach!! Thanks for the terrific pictures. Love to all :)

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