March 24th, 2012 by sara

Art Gallery

The kids have been drawing up a storm around here for the past few months. Nora, ever inspired by her big brother, is becoming quite the portrait artist. They’re always asking to ‘do projects’ and get out markers, scissors, glue, etc. There are some days where the sheer amount of paper they go through is a bit overwhelming, but I don’t get tired of seeing these creations.



And now for the art…

I’ll do Nora’s first. Almost all of her drawings are of ‘smiley faces’. She was thrilled to find that she could draw things that actually looked like faces about a month ago and since then has continued to add features and expressions. It’s really fun to see how her drawing has changed, just in several weeks.  She also likes to ask Jonah to add teeth after she draws a big happy mouth. He enjoys that job. :)




Here’s a good sample of the cut-and-glue projects that Nora enjoys.


When we get out the paints, she LOVES to paint her palms and make handprints.


This guy has glasses and cheeks!



Here she put the tooth/tongue and ears on by herself. He was going for a walk.  The blue zigzags are ‘words’, but I can’t remember what they said.



I just love the face on this one. :)


Now to transition into the Jonah projects, here’s one from an afternoon where they both drew our family.


Jonah still makes the occasional trucks and trains, but he’s really been working on his people lately, too.



Awww…  Nora’s crying….    And the guy at the bottom is telling us his name: Becence  (Jonah makes up great names for his guys.)


This bug loves Jonah.


More family portraits – the bottom one is Dad happily doing ‘train stories on Miyrance Island’ in the bedroom.


Here’s a drawing of when Sean took the kids on a hike up Mt. Pisgah. I love where Jonah drew Sean carrying Nora in the hiking backpack. :)


And a drawing of Eugene! Complete with raindrops, the Willamette River, and people walking and riding bikes (in the rain).


And he’s kind of excited about baseball starting up again. Can you imagine?

And how great is the Phillie Phanatic??


Jonah also does a lot of writing. He’s getting much faster, so he likes to write lots of notes to us, especially to Dad.




There you have it. Now if you multiply what you saw above by about 100, you can imagine what they churn out in a week. :)


4 Responses to “Art Gallery”
  1. Grandma & Grandpa says

    Dad thinks the posting is terrific, even though a bit “sketchy”… As for me, I could wallpaper my “Nest” with it! They are all so CUTE. Love you all :)

  2. Monkle Ricky says

    “Hey dad, here is a cube for you!”

  3. Gran and Grandad says

    We have asked them to reserve a whole wall at the Seattle Art Museum! Looks like they are having major fun. We enjoyed all the details.

    Sara, while you have a plentiful supply, send a couple. We have plenty of “fridge” and wall space.

  4. Aunt Jeanne says

    And Aunt Jeanne needs some new artwork for her new office! ;)

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