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June 3rd, 2014 by seans

Some weekend hikes

 Last Saturday, Nora and I hiked up Spencer’s Butte here in town, close to our house. She did a great job at the all uphill one mile hike, too.

The next day, Jonah and I hiked up Mt. Pisgah, a 1.5 mile hike with a 1000 foot elevation gain. He also did well and enjoyed snacks and some silly photos once we arrived at the top.

2014-06-01 15.02.05



2014-06-01 15.02.19








July 22nd, 2013 by sara

Blueberries and Bikes

Last Friday the kids and I drove up north of town to pick blueberries.  It was a beautiful morning and the bushes were so full of tasty blueberries.  So tasty, in fact, that the kids had a hard time actually getting many in their buckets.  Luckily they were happy enough picking that I had time to fill a bucket of my own.

2013-07-19 10.45.19
2013-07-19 11.03.42
2013-07-19 10.46.24
2013-07-19 10.46.29
2013-07-19 11.53.23
2013-07-19 11.56.06
I made a bunch of freezer jam, we had blueberry pancakes, blueberries on ice cream, blueberries by the handful for snack, and somehow by Sunday afternoon, they were already gone.  So, next Saturday, it’s back to the blueberry patch for us!  :)


Then on Sunday, our town closed down a three mile loop of roadway through downtown for people to bike around.  We did this last year, and had a great time.  The kids especially loved it so we had been looking forward to it quite a bit.  It is funny to think that just last year, Jonah was on the little green balance bike and Nora rode her tricycle.  This year was very different.  With both kids zooming off on two-wheelers, there was no keeping up on foot.  Luckily, a friend of mine lent me her bike for the first half of the event.
2013-07-21 11.55.53
2013-07-21 12.09.21


Last year…




And now!  (And it’s kind of funny that Nora has the same shirt, but not all that amazing, given how much she insists on wearing it.)


2013-07-21 12.00.41
The whole family made the first loop around – 3 miles!  Then Nora was understandably tired.  Those legs have to go around pretty fast to make those small wheels cover 3 miles.  :)  She and Sean took a rest at a park along the way and shared a treat.  Jonah and I continued around for another 3 mile loop.  Then Nora wanted to do a little more road riding, so we tacked on another mile together before heading home.
2013-07-21 12.11.32
(Jonah loved riding in the ‘real bike lanes!’)
2013-07-21 12.08.27
And as soon as we got home, Nora ran to show me how tired she really was.  Tired enough to pretend to sleep.  Haha.
2013-07-21 15.19.16
March 18th, 2013 by seans

Swing Switch!

Jonah shares a new trick!

Swingswitch from Sean Sharp on Vimeo.

March 18th, 2013 by seans

Run, Jump and Throw at Hayward Field

On Saturday I took the kids down to Hayward Field as the University of Oregon’s Track and Field team held an event before their meet that was just for kids. The youngest advertised age bracket was ages 5-6, but they pretty much let all kids that could walk and follow directions the chance to participate. Below are some photos of the event and when I have time, I plan on putting a short video together of some of the events. Even in the northwest rain a good time was had by all.

March 11th, 2013 by seans

Jonah, the baseball beat writer . . .

This morning Jonah read the complete article in the paper on the victory that the Oregon Ducks baseball team had over Vanderbilt yesterday. Tonight when I got home from work, he got a game going between the Ducks and the “Detroit Lakes,” a team name taken from a t-shirt I have from the 50th anniversary of a mountain town, Detroit, here in Oregon.

So, tonight it was the Ducks vs. The Lakes. The first image below is from our recent trip to PK Park to watch a game and the rest are of Jonah practicing the ancient art of beat writing, following a game. After that, his story, unedited. Enjoy!


Ducks v. Lakes at PK Park

The Ducks were having a great night here at PK Park on Monday night. Jimmie Sherfy struck out 1 batter in the 1st.

Well, Scott Hineman  scored a Run though! & there was this crazy play where Billy Kidonksky (for Detroit lakes) said “I got it I got it I got it!” but he did not get the ball, it hit  Ryon Healy in the helmet and Healy was safe at 1st.

Now in the 2nd Inning Jeff Cole (the 3rd baseman) was up & he gave up a HOME RUN!!!!!!!

In the 3rd  Inning the catcher Vikopolop Saweret  got ready to tag Hineman but he slid right under the tag

Now in the 4th Brett Thomas gave up another HOME RUN!!!!!!!