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August 13th, 2013 by sara

More Rainier!

Here are some of my photos from the trip.  We saw so many huge trees, and trees growing out of trees!
2013-08-08 16.34.35


2013-08-08 16.38.52


2013-08-08 16.39.13

This is one of my favorites.


2013-08-09 09.23.05

Up at Paradise, all the wildflowers were in bloom.  The kids really REALLY wanted to hike up to where there was snow, but this year in August, that would have been a bit too tough for the little ones.  The meadows of flowers sure were beautiful, though!


2013-08-09 10.21.33


2013-08-09 10.23.50


2013-08-09 10.31.04

Later that day we hiked a few (steep) miles to two lakes.  This is Bench Lake – a beautiful reflection of the mountain and a nice spot to snack.


2013-08-09 13.12.54


2013-08-09 13.16.11

Nora loved the log bridges.  She said they were her favorite part of the hike.


2013-08-09 13.30.33

I liked the root steps.


2013-08-09 13.45.58


2013-08-09 13.51.54
2013-08-09 14.11.54

Nora liked this picture because it made her have snow on her head.


2013-08-09 17.16.06


2013-08-09 18.00.06

This was a very cool bridge over to the Grove of the Patriarchs – lots of 1000+ year old trees!  Jonah loved this bridge, and loved that you’re supposed to cross one at a time.  ;)


2013-08-10 10.41.20


2013-08-10 10.49.30


2013-08-10 10.58.06


2013-08-10 10.59.53

By the end of the third day’s hike, Nora was wearing out.  We had traveled a lot of miles for three-year-old legs.  She told us, “My legs are rotten…”  So she got a lift.  Lucky girl.  :)


2013-08-10 13.23.25


2013-08-10 14.05.01
August 13th, 2013 by seans

Mt. Rainier!

This past weekend we went up to Mt. Rainier to hike around and see a volcano. We ended up hiking about 10 miles total, with both kids doing most of the walking. Nora enjoyed a ride on my shoulders occasionally. Fortunately the bugs weren’t too bad and the views were excellent. Here are a few photos of our trip (more to come, too!).

2013-08-08 16.28.17


2013-08-08 17.29.37


2013-08-09 10.01.56


2013-08-10 10.37.34


January 8th, 2013 by sara

Seattle Trip

Two days after Christmas, we took a trip up to Seattle to visit with our family up there.  All sorts of relatives! We stayed with Lisa, Jonathan, and Phoebe, which was fun for all the kids.  On Friday, we met up with my Uncle Johnny, Aunt Karen and cousin Riley to explore the Pacific Science Center.  While the whole place was fun, Jonah and Nora were most excited about the space part of the exhibit.  Surprise.  :)





Sitting in the space capsule.  Which buttons to push, switches to flip…?


Nora and Phoebe check out the honeybee colony.


My favorite part – the butterfly room!  We walked around and got to get a close look at all sorts of beautiful critters.


Cousins!!  On a caterpillar!  The cutest.


Nora was interested in touching some anemones.  She also liked the sea star.


Another favorite spot was the large funnel where little balls can roll around in circles until they drop down the hole.  They loved how Riley could get a huge handful and put a whole bunch in at once!


This picture cracks me up – it looks like Nora’s trying to take down the Space Needle with her water cannon.


Later, Riley was a great source of entertainment for all the kids – puppet shows and baseball silliness.


We also got to see Aunt Jeanne at Gran and Grandad’s house.  She was visiting from South Carolina and enjoyed seeing the kids.  Nora gladly sang a few rounds of Take Me out to the Ballgame with her.  It’s pretty much her favorite song these days, and she knows all the verses.


“…three strikes you’re out!”


And Jonah played his first full game of Scrabble at Lisa’s place.  He said, “Mom.  I just love Scrabble so much that I think we should play it every single day!!”  And while we haven’t played a whole game every day, I’m pretty sure we’ve played at least part of one.  He loves coming up with the words by himself, and after a few games even started counting up all the points and taking over the scorekeeper job!


Um…  hey there, Bean.



June 7th, 2012 by sara

Seattle Part 2

While we were in Seattle, we got to spend time with lots of other relatives, too. We stayed with Aunt Lisa, Uncle Jonathan, and the ever-exciting Phoebe! Nora was especially excited to see her little cousin and they had some sweet times together.








Cousins on a couch!


Phoebe showed us some of her favorite parks. The girls liked bouncing together.


And since we don’t leave home without baseball equipment, Jonah got some games in, too. My aunt, uncle, and cousin joined us one morning for some park fun. Since Riley is on a real baseball team, Jonah was excited to have him play, too. They discussed strategy.



That same park also had an area down near the water where the kids (and grownups) could throw rocks.




The other fun adventure of the weekend was going to the Folklife Festival to hear music. The kids enjoyed their first ride on a big city bus to get downtown, and we got to see Riley and his friends play a set on one of the stages there. The weather was beautiful, and the music was great!


We went back again on Monday to see our favorite kids’ musician, Caspar Babypants, and that was also a good time. Lots of fun stuff to see everywhere.



June 3rd, 2012 by sara

Seattle trip part 1

Over Memorial Day weekend, we took a trip up to Seattle to visit family and go to the Northwest Folklife Festival. We had a great time and took many photos. Because of this, we have decided to break the posts up into two parts – below is part one:

Nora and Jonah both enjoyed playing baseball in the ballpark that Grandad made for them:



Jonah even enjoyed being the catcher and calling pitches to strike out Uncle Larry:


Jonah did a great job of running down his uncle and making the tag for the out, too!



Nora is ready to make the catch!


One morning we took a walk down to the ship canal in Ballard to look at the boats:


Finally some photos with Gran and Grandad:




When the kids decided to do the wave, Gran got right in the spirit and joined ’em!


We had a great trip and look forward to seeing everyone again sometime this summer!